U  N  I  V  E  R  S  I  T  Y    O  F    P  E  N  N  S  Y  L  V  A  N  I  A

Introduction to Greek Archaeology

Lecture 2: Greek Archaeology





Archaeological Tools; University of California, Nemea Excavations, 1976

© David Gilman Romano






Electronic Total Station; Corinth Computer Project, 1989

© David Gilman Romano





GPS Unit; Mugello Valley Roman and Medieval Mapping Project, 2000

© David Gilman Romano





Actual State Drawing; Sanctuary of Apollo at Halieis, 1973

© Fred Cooper and Tom Boyd





Digitized Actual State Drawing; Detail of Lechaion Road, Corinth, After Richard Stillwell, Corinth I

© David Gilman Romano





Temple of Athena Alea; Tegea, 4th Century B.C., 1976

© David Gilman Romano





Detail of Stylobate and Earlier 7th Century Foundations; Temple of Athena Alea, 1976

© David Gilman Romano





Detail of Doric Column Capital; Temple of Athena Alea, 4th Century B.C.

© Irene Bald Romano

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