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“European Intellectual History, 1750-1870”
“European Intellectual History, 1870-1950”
“European Intellectual History, 1950-1990”
“French Thought Since 1945”
“Berlin im Zeitalter der Revolutionen, 1750-1848” (taught in German at the Free University, Berlin)
“Berliner Kultur zwischen Kaiserreich und Weimarer Republik, 1870-1933” (taught in German at the Free University, Berlin)
“Masters of Suspicion: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud”
“Religion, Society, and the Symbolic in Modern French Thought”
“European Romanticism”
“Politics and Intellectuals in the Twentieth Century”
“Theories of State and Society from Machiavelli to Freud”
“Democracy and Dictatorship in European Thought”
“From Freud to Oprah:  The Rise and Fall of Psychoanalysis in Twentieth-Century Culture”
“Philosophy of History”
“Non-American History Honors Program”


“Intellectuals and Politics in Modern Europe”
“Themes in Twentieth-Century European Intellectual History”
“Themes in Nineteenth-Century European Intellectual and Cultural History”
“Politics and the Intellectual in Modern France”
“The Fate of the Self in Twentieth-Century Thought”